2017 Presidential Traverse (115 photos)

To celebrate our fallen soldiers and to those that are currently serving, we chose to head to the state that carries the slogan "Live Free or Die", New Hampshire. We spent time giving thanks by hiking the iconic Presidential Traverse.

The Presidential traverse is one of the nations most challenging hikes at around 18.8 miles and over 8,000 feet of elevation gain. Mt Madison – 5367 feet Mt Adams – 5774 feet Mt Jefferson – 5712 feet Mt Clay – 5533 feet (Was re-named Mt Regan in 2003). Mt Washington – 6288 feet Mt Monroe – 5384 feet Mt Franklin – 5001 feet Mt Eisenhower – 4780 feet.

Thank you to our armed forces who sacrifice their lives everyday for our freedom!

With: Elizabeth Azze, Julian Vicente, Karl Loops, James Jansen, Amy Jennifer Hanlon & Zsuzsanna Carlson. Photos: MPF Joe Azze.

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