NASM Corrective Exercises Specialist
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
NASM Personal Trainer
CPR/AED Certified
Bachelors in Science


Elizabeth - My adventurous spirit and lust for the outdoors led me to the great state of Alaska. I arrived in Alaska in 1995 and ended up living there for 8 years. While in Alaska I structured my life around adventure, adventurous people and my studies. I lived a life of a true adventurer. I gained my experience through my studies and hobbies, which included mountaineering, ice climbing, skiing, mountain biking and of course, running the trails. I have completed over 30 ultra-marathons which include 14, 100 milers.

I became a coach & fitness professional in 1999. Since then I have coached over 200 athletes in swimming, triathlon, road running, trail running, ultra running, as well as general health & fitness. I truly find being a coach & fitness professional the most rewarding career choice for me. I love helping people reach their goals, whether to become healthier and stronger or to compete in an ultra endurance event.

After 18 years of gaining experience with endurance athletes and athletes of life, I have had the opportunity to take the methodology from my NASM certifications, Functional Movement Systems, and information from the top Strength & Conditioning coaches in our industry, and extensively put them to the test.

Through my experience I firmly believe 99% percent of athletes cannot reach their true potential without a program that includes periodization techniques, a corrective exercise plan, along with the proper mobility and strength & conditioning training specific to their needs and goals.

What happens if you choose me as your coach?

  1. You will fill out a our Athlete Profile & PAR-Q Questionnaire. This will give me further insight into your daily routine, sleep patterns, stress levels, nutrition and any past or current medical issues or injuries.

  2. You will be taken through a Functional Movement Assessment (in person or via online). A functional Movement Assessment allows me to see how your body moves through a series of 7 movements. Based on the assessment, we will start addressing your limitations. For example; maybe you’re lacking hip mobility and or ankle mobility and your core isn’t firing properly so we will begin to immediately address this and anything else that shows up from the screening.

  3. I will prescribe certain exercises whether mobility or strength to address your imbalances, injuries, etc. The goal is for your movement patterns to improve. If you are experiencing any pain, I will point you in the right direction of a physical therapist or doctor and we will take it from there.

  4. Once your movement patterns have improved the chance of you experiencing an injury will decrease.

  5. Program design will begin.

I will follow your progress and continually review your data and any feedback you provide, this way I can address any issues that may arise and make necessary adjustments to your training.  

I believe everyone is an athlete, whether you’re an athlete of life or sport. I am here to guide you, motivate you and support you to reach your goals and beyond. When you choose to have me as your Coach, we become a team, from beginning to end.

Elizabeth somewhere high in the mountains of Alaska during the 1900's

Elizabeth pulling her mandatory sled of gear during the 2000 Susitna 100 in Alaska.

I met Elizabeth in July of 2007 when I got worried about getting out of breath just going up one flight of stairs. When I met her, I could barely do 10 minutes on the elliptical, and I am now about to run the New York City Marathon. I’ve lost about 60 pounds and my body is tight and muscular. Elizabeth has always been very supportive of me, and believes in me even when I didn’t. I thought a personal trainer would help jump start a fitness routine, I did not expect that it would change my life and take me to places I could not even imagine in my wildest dreams. I feel so, so very grateful to have been working with Elizabeth, and I can’t recommend her enough.
— Mike
My goal for many years had been to run a 50 mile race. I would never have been able to accomplish this without Elizabeth’s expertise, encouragement and support. She helped me rehabilitate injuries I thought I was destined to live with and taught me how to properly hydrate and use nutrition during long training runs and races. The sessions I had and lessons I learned from her will help keep me running until I am 90 and prevent further injuries. I was also always in awe of her and all her own ultramarathon accomplishments (which she was so humble about) and that served as such inspiration for my goals. Thanks to Elizabeth I crossed the finish line of the Nashville Ultramarathon with a huge smile on my face. It was a privilege for me to work with someone of her caliber as an athlete and a person.
— Ilene Laufer, MD
Thanks to Elizabeth’s training plan, not only was I mentally and physically prepared for my 50 mile race but I was running pain free for the first time in my life…and this is after training for a 50 miler!
— Ali
It was entirely thanks to Elizabeth Azze for getting me through 2 NYC Marathons - one prior to knee surgery, and one after. I contacted her weeks after having my second child and told her I want to sign up for the marathon again, 6 months postpartum. Everyone told me I couldn’t do it, and shouldn’t do it, except her. She knew me better than anyone and knew I’d put the time in and do what she told me to do. Well I did just that - I followed her program, trained remotely with her, and I ran it and felt great. I’m a fitness professional as well, and have been coached by Elizabeth for at least 10 years now. After suffering from a pelvic injury 4 years ago (during a period when I was regrettably not working with Elizabeth), doctors told me I shouldn’t run. I was devastated, but just took it one day at a time and thanks to Elizabeth, I’ve gotten stronger than I’ve ever been. Elizabeth has gotten me back to running, completely pain free, and just today we discussed that one day I WILL in fact run the marathon again. With her coaching me, I know that will happen, and most important, I will do so safely and in good health. I owe her so much - we are all so lucky to have her in our life!!!!! Have fun and enjoy the experience, runners!!!
— Sheryl Wilson
In preparation for the 2016 Hardrock 100 Mile Endurance Run I was trained exclusively by Elizabeth Azze of Mountain Peak Fitness. This was my first race in my running career that I actually followed and completed every single workout. I’ve been stubborn over the years in my training and haven’t always followed my coach’s advice. I’d did what I thought was relevant and leave out other things. This time was different. I followed Coach Elizabeth’s direction comprehensively. One of most important aspects to Elizabeth’s training program was the addition of strength training, mobility and soft tissue manipulation, I feel many runners do not incorporate this into their routine. I had nagging knee and hip issues leading into the training process and by the discipline of following her routine, I stood at the starting line pain free and ready. If for some reason I didn’t finish this race I didn’t want it to be for lack of proper training. During the race I never thought at any time that my body was going to give in and that is saying a lot for someone who arrived from New Jersey at 125 feet elevation two days before the race. I was completely confident in my fitness level, I just had to execute the race plan and survive the elements. A couple of days after finishing the race I realized that everything worked completely!
— Harry Hamilton
In 3 years of running ultra, I had been doing trial and error by myself. With the amount of races that I did, between 15 to 20 a year, I had been collecting too many injuries and none of them were fully healed. Then I realized that I had been doing it all wrong. In 2016, I made a decision to have a coach so I joined Mountain Peak Fitness, with Elizabeth Azze as my coach. I really owe Elizabeth & MPF a beer(s) next time I see them. I couldn’t believe I completed the Zion 50k with the wet & muddy conditions in under 7 hours!
— Eric
I bettered my last year’s 100 miler time by almost three hours — 19:49 vs 22:46. I was given much harder workouts than the ones I’d been doing on my own. This consisted of specific mobility exercises and core workouts, with longer track workouts that I have been doing very little. It really paid off. My goal had been to break 20 hours.
— Dennis Fabiszak

Adventure Highlights 


  • Fat Dog 120 Mile Endurance Run in British Columbia

  • Manitou's Revenge 54 Mile Ultra

  • Rock the Ridge 50 Mile Challenge - 2nd Place Female


  • Wasatch 100 Mile Endurance Run

  • Maniotu's Revenge 56 Mile Ultra, 4th Place

  • Lenape 50k

  • Mount Tammany 10 Ultra, 1st Place


  • Hancock Shaker Village 50 Mile Ultra, 1st female, 3rd overall


  • Mountain Madness 50k - 3rd female, 10th overall

  • The Escarpment 30K Trail Race - 5th female

  • Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run in 23:59:44


  • Burning River 100 USATF National Championship - 4th female, 1st age group

  • MMT 100 Mile Endurance Run - 3rd female

  • Bel Monte 50 Mile Endurance Run - 1st female - 14th overall


  • Grindstone 100 Mile Endurance Run, 2nd female, 16th overall

  • The BADWATER 135 Mile Ultramarathon, 6th female, 25th overall

  • Laurel Highlands 70 Mile Trail Run, 2nd Female, 10th overall

  • The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile run, 3rd Female


  • Grindstone 100 Mile Endurance Run, 4th Female

  • Green Lakes Endurance Run 100K, 1st Female Course Record!, 3rd overall

  • Escarpment 18.6 Mile trail Race - 8th Female

  • North Face 50 Mile Endurance Run, Bear Mtn. N.Y. - 3rd Female, 9th overall


  • Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run - 8th Female in division

  • Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run - 3rd Female

  • Miwok 100K Endurance Run - 21st Female


  • American River 50 Mile Endurance Run - 15th Female, 3rd division

  • Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run


  • Escarpment 18.6 Mile Trail Race - 9th Female

  • American River 50 Mile Endurance Run - 24th Female

  • Blues Cruise 50K Endurance Run - 2nd place

2000 - 2004

  • 2004 American River 50 Mile Endurance Run

  • 2003 Kincaid Park Alaska 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race - 2nd place

  • 2002, 24 Hour Adventure Race, Alaska - 1st place

  • 2001, 24 Hour Adventure Race, Alaska - 2nd place

  • 2001 Susitna 100 Mile Endurance Run, Alaska - 2nd Female

  • 2000 Susitna 100 Mile Endurance Run, Alaska - 2nd Female

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