Zsuzsanna - I was born in Hungary and came to the US when I was 19 years old. I put on 70 lbs, became a chain smoker and drank way too much. I made the decision to lose the weight, to quit drinking, stop smoking and I started running that same week, which is now10 years ago. 

I did my first ultra marathon race, the Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass 50k4 years ago and I truly fell in love. I do a lot of road running stillbut I LOVE the trails and the ultra running community.  Since I made the change for the better, I have completed eleven 50k's, five 50 milers, five 100k’sand three 100 milers. My favorite race is the Escarpment Trail Run in NY. I am looking forward to the 2015 season with the MPF / RNR Team!

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