2018 Schedule!

Red Newt Racing provides challenging events in inspiring places, and mediums for celebrating, fostering, and fueling the community that seeks them. Based out of Ithaca, New York, the company was founded as an extension of events that Ian Golden has created and directed. Events that have ranged from 1 to 100 miles, from some of the toughest on the east coast and most beautiful in the country. They have been selected to serve as USATF National Championships and be included in the US SkyRunning Series. Yet it remains a vital mission to retain a classic homegrown and accessible trail/ultra feel and be thankful and beholden to the community that makes them possible.

What I seek are challenging courses using some of the most inspiring trails in this region. I want people to find mindfulness and connection to the trails, test the tolerances of body and mind, celebrate the community which is trail and ultra, and remain stewards of the environment at large. In doing so my hope is these events fuel a passion not simply for racing, but rather a shared transcendence of motion, effort, mindfulness and beauty. Red Newt Racing exists to provide a medium for my passion, but also a context where we may all enjoy, challenge, succeed, fail, hurt and ultimately flow as a singular community.

Until then… RD- Ian Golden

Here is our video of the 2nd running of the Breakneck Point Trail Runs! This is a Red Newt Racing event.

This years marathon had a bit of an added challenge with the torrential downpours the night before and throughout the day. Runners were in knee deep mud at times and battling 50+mph winds near the summit. It was truly an epic day for the runners, race directors, the Whiteface staff and all of the volunteers. Looking forward to seeing what the 2016 race has in store... 

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