NASM Corrective Exercises Specialist
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
NASM Youth Exercise Specialist
NASM Golf Exercise Specialist
NASM Nutrition Specialist
CPR/AED Certified
First Aid Certified

Joe Azze - I have been a fitness professional & coach for the past 20+ years and an athlete all my life. In 1995 I began working with clients that specialized in power lifting and sports performance, helping many rehab from injuries & imbalances from repetitive and overuse injuries that was associated with their given sport. I learned a lot during this time period and eventually went on to work as the head trainer of one of the top Health & Fitness company's at the time.

This led to management where I focused on revamping their personal training programs and helping each club to be the top tier in the company of over 80 clubs. I educated and guided 15 to 30 personal trainers & coaches at any given time. We focused on the education and knowledge from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, which included their Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist Certifications, as well as teachings from Paul Chek, Gray Cook, Pavel Tsatsouline, Gary Gray and Juan Carlos Santana.

I made the decision to leave the company in 2005 to take the opportunity to embark on some adventures and further my education in corrective exercise and sports performance. During this time period, I competed in many 24 hour mountain bike and adventure races, as well as on the road. The feeling and rewards I gain from challenging myself physically and mentally gives me the strength and courage that I need to help others to do the same.

In 2007 my wife Elizabeth and I brought Mountain Peak Fitness to life to share our passion for health & fitness, adventure, sports and the great outdoors. I took my hobby of photography to a new level and set out to capture the action of our athletes and friends as they embark on their training and adventures. My photography and videos are deeply rooted throughout this site and our social media pages.

No matter how busy anyone's life can get, you need to always make sure that you take the necessary steps to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. By taking care of yourself, allows you to help others, especially the one’s closest to you. Having worked with clients and athletes since 1994, from the ages of 13 to the strong age of 85, I have gained a great amount of experience, inspiration and respect for the physical ability and mental strength that is in each one of us. 

This morning, I did everything you suggested, right down to running a mile to warm up just before the race. The result was that I shaved a full minute and 26 seconds off my previous best!
— Mark
“Thank you Joe for helping me complete the 2018 Citi Field Spartan Sprint. I throughly enjoyed the virtual trainer APP. I especially liked they way you customized my training to fit my schedule. I believe the significant time spent foam rolling and stretching helped keep me healthy and able to train six days per week. Competing in the Spartan race was a huge goal for me. Having fun while do it was a dream come true. With this goal accomplished I am looking forward to working with you on more Spartan sprints plus the Super and Beast.
— Steve
I have learned a lot about nutrition, hydration, and recovery which play very important roles in helping an athlete perform at his or her peak level. I can’t say enough good things about Joe & Mountain Peak Fitness.
— Marianne
Joe is truly a breed apart! No one will mistake me for an elite athlete. I’m a 55-year-old guy afflicted with the musculoskeletal issues of a life spent working at a desk. At age 40, I herniated two disks. I lack the balance of a gymnast, the grace of a dancer, and the strength of a football player. Nonetheless, after our training sessions, I feel their equal.
— Eric

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