Mountain Peak Fitness, LLC is a coaching and adventure company that specializes in online coaching, consulting, and training clients & athletes in personal and group session formats. We design strength & conditioning and sports specific training plans from the beginner level, to the elite athlete.

Our focus is getting you to move the way nature intended, unimpeded and free to adventure as you please. We address your fundamental movement patterns, mobility, strength, power, speed and agility, ensuring that your are free of imbalances and compensations. You don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical but you must strive to be better, in all aspects of movement and life.

It's the basics that must be given the respect that they deserve. If your sleep is not optimal, you have poor digestive health, your movement patterns show compensations, hydration inadequate, stress mismanaged, nutrition haphazard or misguided, and so forth, it will be difficult for you to thrive day to day and in the lifestyle you wish to live. Strengthening the basics and making them part of each day, each workout, each adventure, will give you the best chance to reach your goals and increase your health & wellness along the way.

We understand your need to be free to explore your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual potential. With so many responsibilities and time restraints each of us face today, the quality, safety and precision of your training is of our highest priority. As outdoor enthusiasts and athletes ourselves, we would like to share the value of good health and the importance of adventuring outdoors!

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ELIZABETH AZZE owner / coach / athlete

owner / coach / athlete

LEN HUFFMAN coach / athlete 

coach / athlete 

BEN NEPHEW coach / athlete

coach / athlete

JOE AZZZE coach / athlete

coach / athlete