S-LAB XT 6 Trail Running Shoe Review

By MPF Athlete Jules Moore
When I bought the Salomon S-Lab XT-6 Trail Shoe, I was looking for a shoe that was built with solid foot protection while providing some support.  I’ve never used a Salomon product and I was intrigued to give these shoes a spin.  The XT-6 exceeded my expectations in protection, comfort and overall performance.  


The XT 6 has kept the front part of my foot well protected while I’m out enjoying rugged and technical terrain.  Salomon built the front part of the shoe with a protective rubber shell which saved my feet on a variety of root and rock impacts.  When I did have impact the force was mostly absorbed into the protective shell and I did not feel pain or discomfort.  I found this feature of the shoe important as I spent extended time on the trail. 

The shoe is also water resistant with a mesh guard that limits excessive water and moisture from entering the shoe.  I wore the shoe in wet conditions from rain to light snow covered trails.  The shoe kept my feet from being soaked and wicked moisture pretty efficiently.  I was amazed on how the shoe was able to keep my feet dry for a non gore-tex shoe.  

As for debris, I can’t recall feeling dirt or small rocks in my shoes while on the run which is an important element because debris have the potential to lead to blister after extended time on the feet.  

The shoe support system for the XT-6 has been great since the first day I ran in them.  I pronate mildly and needed a supportive shoe, especially on my longer outings.  With the added support my feet have escaped any foot related stress.  In addition, the shoe gave me great comfort after extended hours of running and hiking.  Overall the protection and comfort of the shoe kept my feet from being punished and gave me piece of mind allowing me to focus on the trail.  

Other great features of the shoe included the lacing system, shoe tread and weight. I’m able to adjust the lacing quickly and the laces store nicely in a pocket in the upper tongue which was really convenient.  The laces are really durable and after some months in them they show no signs of being worn out.  I thought this system was great compared to traditional laces and was definitely nice not worrying about lacing issues.  The shoe also has  great grip over wet rock and surfaces allowing me to run confidently especially in areas like Harriman State Park, NY where most of the terrain is covered with rocks and boulders. The shoe weight is roughly 11.6oz and considering what its packing I think it’s pretty reasonable. 

Current state of Jules Shoes after 200 miles

This shoe would be excellent for anyone ultra or adventure racing on rugged terrain.  Would I buy this product again?  Salomon pushed a pretty aggressive price tag at $140-180 considering where you buy it.  The price did make me a little hesitant and I did consider going with another brand before deciding to purchase this shoe.  In the end, I would buy this shoe again because I can depend on it to take care of my feet while I enjoy whatever adventure I’m on.

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