Jules - Some of my first memories of running go back to my high school track in Manassas, VA and since then my feet have taken me on some pretty epic adventures. Some of my earliest adventures go back to when I lived in Oahu while attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I recall one day waking up in the early hours and filling my book bag with food and water to go hike the Olomana Trail. It was a pretty tough hike for me at the time but I remember coming home fulfilled and rejuvenated even though my body didn't feel that way. Hawaii also exposed me to other sports like surfing, skate and body boarding. Strangely I lost touch with running in Hawaii but it didn't bother me.

After college I accepted a job in NYC and found myself loosing touch with my active lifestyle for a couple of years...until one spring evening my Fiancée asked me to go run with her in our local park. That one run spiraled me back into running and created a new passion for hiking and trail running. I love running trails over roads and my favorite distance to run is the 25k. I have a strong desire to run more 50k's so I can grow into a better distance runner. If I'm lucky I can get comfortable enough to really race them. My race plans in the future also included tackling more 50 milers and even 100k. My thirst for adventure doesn't stop there, I also have a growing desire to go on and even plan a backing packing trip in my area or other parts of the country...maybe go on a bike packing trip!?!

Jules Race Reports, Reviews & Adventures

Results & Accomplishments 

Ultra's & Trail Races

  • 2009 Mountain Madness 50k Finisher
  • 2010 Staten Island Cold feet 10k, 59:55, 20th overall and 3rd place age group 20-29
  • 2011 NJ Ultra Fest - 1st 100 mile attempt, farthest distance ran 76 miles.
  • 2013 The North Face DC 50k Finisher
  • 2013 Transrockies 3 day - Stage 1 and Stage 2 completed, 3rd stage not completed. First time in altitude and running a stage race.
  • 2014 The North Face Bear Mountain Half Marathon - 2hrs 20mins
  • 2014 The North Face DC 50k Finisher
  • 2014 Vermont 50


  • 2009 & 2012 - NYC Triathlon Finisher
  • 2010 Rhode Island Half Ironman Finisher2014-Staten Island Greenbelt 25k, 2hrs 18mins. 9 overall male and 11th overall

Mountain Biking

  • 2011-Vermont 50 Finisher

Favorite Time Trial Loop 

  • Manassas, VA - 1st and 2nd Manassas trail Loop. Distance 8.76, PR 1hr 07mins. Historical and Scenic!