First Ride on the INTENSE Sniper XC / Ringwood State Park

I made my way to Ringwood State Park of New Jersey to ride some of the best trails around and to test out an Intense Sniper XC bike that I had just picked up. If you want to test a bike, there is no better place then here. Ringwood trails will quickly show weaknesses in both rider and bike.

I sold some of those older bikes I was talking about on EBay through RadicalVelo eBay Bike Shop of NJ. This helped offset the cost of purchasing a bike. I can’t advise enough to gather things that your not using, declutter and sell it all. Having Radical Velo do this for me saved me a lot of time.

Bikes & Athletes

Joe Azze - Intense Sniper XC

Evan Fineman - Lynskey Singlespeed 27.5+