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Pearl Izumi E:Motion Road Shoes Review

By MPF Athlete, Len Huffman
I am what companies call brand loyal. When I find a product that I like and it works for me I tend to stick with it. I am like this with my running shoes. I started my running days in Pearl Izumi's. I loved them. I had 4 or 5 pairs, same model (shines). I ran my best marathon in Synco Fuels. Unfortunately Pearl Izumi stopped making the ones I liked and the models they replaced them with just didn’t feel the same.

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Montrail Mountain Masochist Shoe Review

By MPF Athlete Harry Hamilton
What I am looking for in a good trail running shoe is one that I can run over 12 hours in, is comfortable, has enough support in the mid foot, and has some cushion in the heel.  I also prefer a wide toe box and protection on top of the toe box for when I inevitably stub a toe.  For those of you who have had the displeasure of seeing my feet after a 24 hour or 100 mile race you know that this is not a “nice to have.”   This is a necessity for me.  

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Inov-8 X-Talon 190's Shoe Review

I’ve always preferred a lighter trail shoe that allows me to feel and react to the ground. I feel more nimble in a lighter shoe, which until recently was difficult to find in a trail shoe. The X-Talon's 190's are the lightest trail shoe offered by Inov-8 designed to have minimal amounts of cushioning so they were the perfect pair for me to try! They were comfortable from the moment I tried them on and walked around my apartment.

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