Black Diamond Distance Trekking Poles Gear Review

Highlights - Aluminum, very lightweight, durable & packable.

I bought mine at Campmor during my preparation for the Grindstone 100 Mile Endurance Run in 2012. Since then I used them in 2 other races, Manitou's Revenge (NY) and Wasatch Front 100 (UT).

I Love these poles especially when I’m going uphill, the poles allow my upper body and core to take part in the movement. I find they also help me focus on proper hiking form, making my hiking more energy efficient.

When going downhill especially technical sections they add another point of contact therefore adding balance. On short flat sections and ridges, they are light enough to not have to fold them up but carry them in one hand, grabbing in the middle, horizontal to ground. During longer sections when not needed, they fold up easily and are small enough to fit into my Salomon pack's external pockets.

Durability, comfort and simplicity makes this product perfect for trail running and fast pace hiking. Be sure to practice using them before heading out.