FKT stands for Fastest Known Time and can be accomplished by bike or on foot on just about any respectable trail or route you can come up with. Many FKT’s tend to be on trails that races aren’t allowed to be held on. Attempting an FKT allows you to train & schedule for it as you wish. The date you chose to make the attempt is up to you. An FKT can also be established during what would generally be a normal training day for you but you just happen to feel FKT good. There are 4 ways to go about an FKT.

  1. Supported - Involves dedicated support teams that help you along your adventure. They are there for safety, efficiency, aid, support, etc. They allow you to travel the fastest and lightest.

  2. Self Supported - FKT is attempted completely on your own, carrying all necessary gear but can include stashes or mini aid-stations you set up along the intended route. You can also use stores that you may come across.

  3. Unsupported - This FKT requires you to travel and rely solely on yourself. All your gear is carried from start to finish but water and nutrition can be obtained along the way from edible plants, berries, etc. and water can be collected from natural springs or by water purification.

  4. Party of 2 or more - All of the above can be accomplished with another athlete or as many as you wish, with respect to the FKT attempt, trails, wildlife, other people you may encounter, safety, and so on.

FKT’s are extremely intense and difficult in nature. They are dangerous and should only be attempted by experienced athletes who feel fit, knowledgeable and fully informed about their intended route. If you decide to attempt / establish an FKT or explore some of the routes, please inform someone about your intended route, start time, approx. finish, bailout points, emergency contacts, etc.

FKT Reports