During the last couple of weeks (#37 & 38) summer temps and the east coast humidity came back strong after an early feel to the upcoming fall season; which by the way is this Friday, Sept 22nd! Many from our group took part in the SRT (Shawnagunk Ridge Trail races hosted by the Long Path Trail Series, as well as the Pisgah Trail Race, the Free to Run 50, the Rocky Point 50 MTB race and an epic FKT in NH! 

MPF Athletes in Action

Evan's Race Report from Rocky Point

This race was held in Rocky Point State Pine Barrens Preserve (who knew?). This was a brand new race for the promoter and the course as well.

I went in knowing two things: it was flat and it was Long Island. And I came away with a greater appreciation for what they have out there. The course was super nice- really tight flowy single-track that just ripped through windy tree lines. The pine forest was a combination of sand and hard pack, which I have never really ridden any of.

I registered for this race as a tune up, gear check, and leg check for my upcoming Vermont 50 MTB race in 2 weeks. The distance is the same but that’s where the similarities end…read more.

MPF RNR Athletes

Latest Exercise Highlight: Getting Started with the KB Deadlift by Elizabeth Azze

Having a weak, disengaged core and posterior chain, especially within the gluteal complex, can contribute to a host of ailments from lower back pain, knee pain, Iliotibial band (ITB) issues, even lower leg & foot issues such as achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

So how do I get my sleepy posterior chain strong and active? Let’s start with one of my favorites the Kettlebell Deadlift. Most people lack the proper utilization of the Lumbo Pelvic Hip complex (your core) and the mobility to execute the deadlift correctly so we must begin by working on core strength, mobility, and glute activation. Read & Learn More.

Local trail maintenance with NY NJ trail Conference 

Many of your local trail and outdoor organizations such as the NY NJ Trail Conference rely heavily on volunteers to make things happen. Please give back to the outdoor community when you can, the trails can’t maintain themselves. Thank you to Jay Lemos, Julian Vicente and James Jansen for your help throughout this year. Please let us know if you would like to lend a hand. Contact NY NJ Trail Conference directly or your local organization. Here are a few photos from our latest trail work in Norvin Green State Forest

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