The 3rd annual Twisted Branch 100k took place in the Finger Lakes Region of NY. MPF/RNR Athlete Richard Heffron battled dehydration, got off course, but still managed 2nd place (11:06, faster than the original course record). After a hell of year of racing, Scotie Jacobs took 4th place, 1st master and completed his 3rd Twisted Branch 100k, Laura Rekkerth placed 9th female! Congrats to everyone who toed the line.

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MPF Coach Joe Azze guided one of our athletes on a key training ride before racing the Vermont 50 mountain bike race that is coming up in Sept. They travelled along the historic hilly dirt roads of Putnam County, if you don’t know about this area, it’s perfect training grounds for running or cycling, the hills are relentless. Strava Data with Photos. 

Matthias Lipsey headed to CO for the Pikes Peak Ascent for a nice uphill workout, he placed 32nd out of 1,842 runners. Not a bad day sucking wind, climbing 7,815 feet in 13.31 miles, congrats!

Every year we have a couple of athletes who have the desire to test their sea level legs by heading to the high altitude region of Colorado. This past weekend MPF Coach Elizabeth Azze travelled to the great old mining town of Leadville CO, elevation 10,200 feet to pace/crew at the 35 year old Leadville 100 Endurance Run. While some can withstand the thin air, others respiratory and digestive systems slowly shut down, making any movement forward twice as hard. Great effort was put forth by all. Here are some photos below. 

Ryan Welts teamed up with Adam Wilcox to adventure in Maine. They traversed from Rt 4 to Rt 27 via the AT and included side trips to Abraham, Spaulding and Sugarloaf Mountains, covering 35.5 miles, 11,800 gain, in 11.5 hours! Strava Data with Photos

Natalie Thompson won RNR’s Lucifers Crossing 6.6 miler. Check out the video below by Ron Heerkens of him following Natalie during the last stretch of the race.

Encounter with a Trail Superhero!

By Joe Azze

This past Saturday, August 19th, my dog Sam & I headed out for a hike in Southern Harriman State Park. We began our hike from the beginning of the Pine Meadow Trail (red) and took that trail to one of our favorite trails in the park, the Seven Hills Trail (blue). We made our way towards Chipmunk Mountain (1,200 ft) before heading down the Hillburn Torne Sebago Trail (orange) and made a left back onto the Pine Meadow Trail, which would eventually lead us to the Reeves Meadow Visitor Center. As we were hiking along, we saw someone hiking briskly towards us with all types of gear strapped to his back. He had a big smile on and Sam couldn’t help but want to go say hello.

We began chatting about dogs and talked about his Golden Retriever as Sam found a new best friend. His name was Roland. He was full of strength and positive energy. He was on his way to repair a few planks from a bridge that he had built which crossed one of the streams in the park, but before he did so, he wanted me to pass this along – “I am 85 years old going on 40! It’s daily hikes and breathing in the fresh air of the woods that keeps me healthy & fit.” As he looked around and above at all of the trees, with his arms out wide and chest opened. “Make sure to tell everyone to never stop moving and to get outside for a walk in the woods as often as possible.”

I wish I had videoed our conversation but instead I asked if I could take a picture of him. We shook hands and said enjoy the day to one another. We watched him continue on up the trail with ease. I tried to quickly snap another picture of him as he was walking away but he was already up and over the hill and out of view. Meet Roland, a New York New Jersey Trail Conference Volunteer and a Trail Superhero!


Upcoming Races

  • Water Gap 50k in Milford PA on Sept 30th, 2017. This race takes place on the McDade Trail, a 32 mile point to point and traversing the gap, is a recent addition to the formal trail network in the Gap. This is a great mix ranging from rail-trail feeling cinder path to singletrack, the non-technical and rolling McDade Trail is a perfect venue for a relatively fast and scenic fall trail 50k. For race reports, photos and videos from past years, visit us at
  • Cat’s Tail Trail Marathon on October 14th, 2017. This is a very rugged trail marathon in the heart of the Catskill Mountains of New York! You will gain over 7,000 feet and is mainly self-supported event with 1 real point of aid and a couple of water drops.  Runners will be required to carry certain supplies throughout the run to ensure their safety in this remote area. The Cat’s Tail is not meant to be someone's “first” marathon or trail race. Check out our race reports, photos & video from past years, click here.

"You can do more than you think you can, get after it!"