Exercise Highlight 1: Training Ropes

Training with ropes offers a great opportunity for overall conditioning and strengthening your fundamental movement patterns. This is a great training tool for athletes searching for motivating & challenging ways to attack their fitness and a great option to include in your program.

Just 10 minutes working with the training ropes will leave you loving them or hating them. There are many patterns and exercises to do while training with ropes so the focus has to be on proper movement patterns and practicing those movement patterns over and over. You can perform the movements from a standing or seated position, 1 arm or two arms, kneeling or half kneeling, etc..

To get you started we included a video of the basic movements.

Try this workout:
Perform this in a circuit training fashion by moving from one movement immediately to the next with no rest in between. The goal is to be able to complete every repetition. Start at the smaller repetition range and work up from there. You can time yourself to see how long it takes to complete the circuit. Take a couple of weeks to work on the movement patterns first to ensure that your executing them correctly, then try the workout. 

  • 50-100 medium waves

  • 20-40 alternating waves

  • 20-40 side to side waves

  • 20-40 grappler throws

  • 25-50 big waves (get the waves as high as you can in the air, you may even find your feet leaving the ground)

There are many types of ropes you can use. Common ones are 1.5 & 2 inches thick and range from 30 to 50 feet in length. They also go up to 100+ feet. You can purchase them in manila, nylon, danline & a few others. Let us know if you have any questions. Purchase on Amazon.