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"Kids Outside" Cascade Mountain Trip Report by Ben Nephew

"While I knew Gavin would love the slide itself, I wasn’t sure how much he would enjoy any necessary off-trail travel to reach the slide. I asked Jan Wellford about the climb, and he said the bushwhacking was not that bad, you just had to get around the near vertical face of the falls, which is a major ice climbing spot in the winter months. I decided that Gav and I would give it a shot..."

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"Some People Just Don't Give a HOOT" by Joe Azze

Thank you to Ali Bauman of CBS News and the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference for helping to bring attention and awareness to the littering problem in our local parks. This is not just about our parks but about all parks and communities that have been experiencing a similar situation. We contributed some videos and pictures to the feature that was aired live Tuesday at 5pm.

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