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Snowshoeing in Harriman State Park without snowshoes...

Today, conditions were good for snowshoeing in the Harriman State Park area of New York. Some of us opted for the no snowshoe approach, but had to raise the effort quite a bit just to keep pace. Hiking poles & microspikes definitely helped but still were no match for the efficiency of proper snowshoeing.

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Ben Nephew’s Recap of Snowshoeing Racing & Family Time "2 Races and the Little Things"

After a couple years of not snowshoe racing very much at all, I decided to try and get back into it this year due to the fact that SS nationals are in VT this year and the realization that I am getting too far away from shorter races in general.  While my training has been limited by family and work obligations, I thought I was doing enough quality workouts to at least run decently. 

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Ben Nephew's 2014 Winter Wild Wachusett Race Report "I don’t need no stinkin’ Microspikes"

Without any snow for snowshoe racing, I decided to try out one of the new NE Winter Wild events at Wachusett Mountain last weekend.  These are unique races where you can select all sorts of ways to get up and down a ski mountain early in the morning before the lifts open.  After consulting with Ryan Welts, the fastest way to go at these races, other than skis, seemed to be...

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