Snowshoeing in Harriman State Park without snowshoes...

Today the conditions were great for snowshoeing in the Harriman State Park area of New York. Some of us opted for the no snowshoe approach, but had to raise the effort quite a bit just to keep pace. Hiking poles & microspikes definitely helped but still were no match for the efficiency of proper snowshoeing.

I included some video with the pictures below, you can see how efficient and in control hiking in snowshoes can be, and then you can hear and see me working my tail off just following in their footsteps. 

With many unbroken trails still out there and a few more inches on the way (weather), be sure to get out this weekend! To learn more about being prepared for your winter adventure and what snowshoes we recommend, click here. If your interested in joining us on our next adventure, check out our Adventure Club