Giant Mountain Adventure in the Adirondacks of New York!

Over the Martin Luther King Jr weekend, a few of us headed up to the Adirondack Mountains for a little winter camping, a quick Giant Mountain adventure and to attend the WSSF Snowshoe National Championships that was taken place that Sunday.

Earlier in the week, the weather didn't look favorable. Every app, station and website had temps above 50º with rain throughout Thursday and Friday. They were also calling for a drastic change in temps, dropping down into the single digits by Friday night. However, they were also calling for a possibility of 20 or more inches of snow in the higher peaks...

After a rainy drive up, we went for a quick hike and set up camp at a lean-to near the ADK Loj. I was able to keep a fire going for most of the night. We fell asleep around 10:30 and woke up to several inches of fresh snow and temps below zero. It would continue to get colder (-14º by Sunday). It was a winter wonderland once again! 

Elizabeth, Sammy, Jay Lemos, Julian Vicente, and myself made our way to Giant Mountain in hopes of meeting a few other MPF RNR teammates. Driving conditions were difficult. Mendy Gallo was the only one to make it safely, as we just missed running into Ben Nephew. There is very limited cell service in the area, if any for AT&T. 

The goal was to climb Giant Mountain (4,626 feet). It was about -10º when we started at 10am. The snow was good in the earlier goings. Not much ice but only several inches, not the 20+ we were hoping for. As we climbed higher, the snow conditions improved. All of the stream crossings were high and we had to be careful crossing. 

Rather then continue, here is a video and 60+ photos that Elizabeth (iPhone 8+) and I captured (iPhone X) from the day.

I also captured many photos and some video from the Snowshoe Race and hope to have those posted by the weekend so keep an eye out. 

Videos: YouTubeFacebookVimeo

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