At the 2013 The North Face 50, Bear Mtn, A Clip of Jordan McDougal on his way to his 3rd win in a row “The Fall to 1st!”

This past weekend was The North Face Endurance Challenge in Bear Mountain New York. We were on scene taking photos, videos and crewing for teammates, clients and friends. During the 50 Mile Endurance Run, I was filming near Aid Station #4 Lake Skannatati, mile 20.7. I made my way up the red trail towards Pine Swamp Mtn because I knew this was one of the more visually fun sections to watch runners make their way through. Its a pretty steep section of trail and winds its way through some large boulders and rocks. I watched the 1st place runner at the time come through and literally slide down a boulder full speed, landing on his feet. He was just as shocked as I was that he didn't fall. You will see this in the upcoming video that I hope to post by the weekend.   

Then it was the 2nd place runner at the time, Jordan McDougal from the North Face Running Team to make his way through the same section and this is how it went (watch the video below). 

Video Links: Vimeo / YouTube

Amazingly I watched Jordan slowly rise to his feet, shake himself off, stumble around a bit and then slowly jog away. It wasn't until later at the finish line that I noticed him standing on top of the podium. I was sure that he either DNF'd or just slowly made his way through the rest of the race, after all he still had 30 miles to go at that point!

I got a chance to talk with him afterwards and he said the 1st few miles after the fall were a little rough, especially when he went on to sprain his ankle just miles later. However he just kept himself together, caught the 1st place runner with 10 miles to go, dropped him and came in 1st place, which was Jordans 3rd win in a row at Bear Mountain and his fastest! 

Here is Jordan McDougal's race report, click here! You will find out he went through a lot more then just the fall in the video. A truly incredible competitor and is why he is one of the best around.