2009 The North Face 50 Mile Endurance Challenge - Bear Mountain, New York

Just going through our older footage and came upon the 2009 The North Face 50 Mile Endurance Challenge in Bear Mountain State Park. I quickly re-edit for a fresh feel and we now finally have it up on YouTube and Facebook.

This was a fun one to be a part of and it was similar to the original 2008 course. It started with rain throughout the early morning hours; which is usual around here for this time of year, that then turned into a dense fog encasing the park.

Watch Nikki Kimball take an early lead and hold it for the win, with Cristina Carvalho taking 2nd and Elizabeth Azze hanging onto 3rd place. Ben Nephew and Brian Rusiecki tried to chase down Leigh Schmitt. Full results

Who is signed up for this year's race on May 4th & 5th? Which race are you doing?

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