The 2008 Spring started today for many...CRCA Club Race

Today at 6:30am the gun went off and the 4th New York City Spring Road Cycling Series started!  It was a cold morning with temps hovering around 20 with the wind making things feel a bit more frigid.  Despite the temps. there was around 200+ cyclist that turned out for  the races to test their legs and see just how well their winter training went.  Other then a few unfortunate crashes in the 3/4 category everyone seemed grateful to be out in Central Park stretching their lungs and enjoying a beautiful morning.  

My race went well and my legs felt a little sluggish in the beginning but once my core temperature rose a bit all was well.  Despite a broken foot and my cycling shoe having a major hole cut out of it to dissipate the pressure away from the broken bone, I was able to break away with a group of 20 or so to set up for a sprint finish.  

Once we approached the last turn heading into a slight climb to the finish, things seemed to have slowed and some of my momentum was lost.  Two groups went on either side of the road so I decided to head right down the middle and as the finish line approached I swung off to the right around another rider just getting nipped at the line ending up in 4th place.

 It was a slight miss judge on my part in being a little hesitant going into the sprint but it was a great race and I am looking forward to next weekends race!  Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and getting ready for Spring... Remember turn the clocks ahead Sat. night, its already that time of year!

Joe AzzeCRCA, Joe Azze, Cycling