Salomon S/LAB Sense 7 SG Trail Running Shoe

The Salomon S/LAB Sense 7 SG always seems to outdo itself with each generation, and exceeds expectations yet again in its 7th offering of an aggressive trail/mountain classic. As is the standard, Contragrip rubber compound gives security to technical footwork on all surfaces, up and down, even allowing for some edge work.

Noticeable differences can been seen and felt in both the 7 SG’s upper & lower:

  • An improved lug length, display, and flexibility on the undercarriage offer a more connective approach to running than previous sense ultra SG’s. Although designed for trail conditions, they no longer feel out-of-place whenever brought onto the asphalt - a mark of engineering genius for any shoe. The lug pattern continues to shed mud like a champ.

  • The upper offers the standard built-in gaitor to keep out snow, scree, and dirt/dust, while maintaining breathability and drainage. The upper is also more flexible that previous models, and at times one may begin to believe it is some sort of 3-D printed fabric from the 4th dimension.

Matthias Sense 7 SG.jpg

I can personally attest to the robust versatility of the S/LAB Sense 7 SG’s; It has been my shoe of choice for the highest level of competition, reliable in all conditions, throughout 2018. It performed on arid, western surfaces at Montana’s Rut Mountain Runs in both the VK and SkyRace, the mucky, stew-like conditions of Scotland at the World Skyrunning Championships, and yet again where it paired well with racing snowshoes at the World Snowshoe Running Championship in Val di Non, northern Italy.

This shoe cuts the fat, but keeps all the teeth to give you confidence in wet, steep, and technical race conditions. As an added bonus, this race car is aesthetically pleasing.