Saucony ProGrid Peregrine Trail Shoe Review

By MPF Athlete Phil Germakian


The Saucony ProGrid Peregrine Trail Shoe is a terrific trail shoe. It’s lightweight and flexible design, makes it a good choice for runners who are interested in transitioning into a more minimalist trail shoe. This shoe gives you a good feel for the ground, which allows your foot to quickly respond to any changes in the terrain. I have been running in my Saucony Peregrines for three months now, and I have not experienced any major issues. So far, I have used them on a variety of trails and on runs up to 15 miles. This shoe responds well on road, and both technical and non-technical trails. It performs best in dry conditions. I do not recommend wearing this shoe on very wet and muddy trails, because its tread tends to pick-up and hold mud, and slip on wet rocks. The upper on this shoe provides a lot of protection from trail debris, which sacrifices some breathability. Since this lack of airflow between the inside and outside of the shoe may cause overheating for some runners, this shoe is best suited for cooler temperatures. All in all, the Peregrine represents a great step forward in the evolution of trail running shoes that give you that natural feel, without sacrificing too much support and protection.


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