First Impressions of the Salomon SPEEDCROSS 5

Today we took the Salomon SPEEDCROSS 5 for a little test run. The SPEEDCROSS is designed specifically for when your training day involves running up and down hills through muddy, soft loose terrain. My first impression was wow, these are beautiful, do I really have to get them dirty 🙂. As soon as I took my first steps I felt the 10 mm heel height which I am not used to, so it did take me a bit to feel confident while running.

Once I started uphill the heel to toe height actually made sense, as my forefoot dug into the ground my lower leg muscles seemed to work less. My hips seemed more aligned and the heel with the new extra beefy sole actually made me more confident on the downhill. So far I’d say this shoe is a workhorse that is best suited for what it was designed for, soft, muddy, hilly terrain. I’ll touch base in a couple of months to give you a more thorough review after we put some miles on them.

Technical Info

  • Weight (W) 280 (M) 320 grams

  • Muddy and soft terrains

  • Midsole Toe Height 20 mm

  • Midsole Heel Height 30 mm

  • Heel to toe drop 10 mm

  • Contagrip

  • Quicklace

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