A Women's Weekend in the Catskill Mountains of New York

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to test out some of my ideas of creating an all women’s camp with some of my fellow outdoor sisters. The camp included tent camping, introduction to fly fishing, the importance of strength training, nutrition and a hike/trail run. 

The ultimate mission is to create a monthly camp to introduce & educate women of all ages and backgrounds of the importance of strength, nutrition, mediation and outdoor sports from a woman’s perspective. 

Thank you to Meghan Young for sharing your fly fishing expertise, Natalie Thompson for filling our minds and bellies with the correct information regarding vegetables, fats, carbs, plant based, etc. and how it pertains to pre/post exercise as well as daily living and Zsuzsanna Carlson, Mendy Gallo, Amy Hanlon for entertaining us with your strong presence. 

I’m thinking of creating a monthly outing for the 2019 season, please let me know if this is something that would interest you. 

Keep an eye out for a couple of videos that we will post soon from the weekend. 

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