Pre 2013 Wasatch 100 thoughts: "Just hours away from a 5,000 foot climb to start with..." By Elizabeth Azze

My 2nd battle against altitude started 3 years ago and the war is still officially in progress! After my DNF at the Wasatch 100 mile race in 2010 (at mile 82 or so after Brighton AS, from major illness), I took some much needed time off to reflect, heal and improve myself. At the beginning of 2013, I began to feel rested and my thirst for the sport began to intensify, my passion was returning and boy did it feel good!  

I quickly applied for 2 major races, the Tahoe Rim 100 and the Wasatch 100 and to my surprise I got selected for both along with my teammates Julian, Harry and Zsuzsanna. Tahoe Rim 100 Mile Endurance Run is a must do event! After doing these events for a while, you grow to learn every time you attempt a journey of this magnitude, that anything can happen.

Video of the 2010 Wasatch 100 Mile Endurance Run

My goal for Tahoe was to race smart and be very present of taking care of myself. I didn’t want a pacer and normally don’t use one, along with barely seeing Joe, my nutrition and hydration had to be on point. I was using this race as a tune up in hopes of racing the Wasatch Front 100 mile race solo. I kept my nutrition and hydration spot on, but again at mile 80, dizziness, headaches, etc. ensued. Oh, altitude how I love thee... When I was below 7,000 or 8,000 ft, I felt fine, above I felt horrible, loss of breathe, disorientated etc. It pisses me off, so thats why I must finish the Wasatch endurance run this weekend! I will be reaching down deep to make it to the finish line of this one and I am relying on your positive energy to help guide me along the way.

The Wasatch 100 Mile Endurance Run and adventure starts tomorrow morning at 5am for myself, Julian, Harry and Zsuzsanna! This is a point-to-point race that traverses the heart of the central Wasatch Mountains, one of the most beautiful ranges of the Rocky Mountains. There is a cumulative elevation gain of approximately 26,454 feet, as well as a cumulative loss of approximately 26,951 feet throughout the course. This is a premier run that will test the endurance of any runner. Joe will try to update our MPF Facebook page or you can follow us on Twitter at MPFadventures. The best option will be to follow the athlete tracking system on the Wasatch 100 mile endurance website.

From the race meeting at the 2013 Wasatch 100!