The 2009 Badwater 135 Ultramarathon is Just Hours Away!

Yes, I am going to be one of those people dressed in white at the starting line of one of the worlds toughest foot races, The BADWATER 135 MILE ULTRAMARATHON! I will stand there bare boned, with my heart and mind all on display. Am I prepared for the 120+ degree temperatures, possible heat stroke, dehydration, blisters and so on? The answer is no but my mind, heart and body are more then ready to be put through the ultimate test that Badwater has to offer.


The Badwater 135 comprises of strategy as well as the willingness to place one foot in front of the other, at all costs; its an extreme test of endurance. That’s why I’m here, to lay it all out there. To test my knowledge of hydration, electrolyte & energy balance and most of all, myself! Joe, Allison, and I will become a team! A team that will help get me from the Badwater Basin at -282 feet to the finish line 135 miles away at the top of Mount Whitney Portal at 8360 feet in one piece, with hopefully a renewed soul looking forward to another journey or possibly another Badwater...

Why do I choose to compete in such an extreme race? Some people choose to live life by dwelling on their excuses of why they can't exercise. With todays demanding lifestyle, exercise may sit on the back burner for many but if we can just find a way to make exercise & movement a priority again, we will fend off many of the diseases & supposed disorders that plague our society. We as humans are designed to move, we need to move, we must move freely and unbounded by the limitations we place on ourselves.

I will be standing on the line with 89 others of various ages, most of them several years older than I, to prove our bodies are made to adventure, that we are designed to move and that we need to experience life through pushing the limits beyond what is conceivable. The power of the mind and the heart will be displayed and the true human spirit will prevail…

You may not want to run a 135 miles and you don’t have to but I do hope you find the time and inspiration to get up and move like you have never done before!