Matthias Lipsey takes 2nd Place at the Red Bull 400!

MPF RNR athlete Matthias Lipsey took 2nd place at the Red Bull 400, the steepest 400 meter race in the world which took place this past weekend in the Upper Peninsula at Copper Peak

“It was a tight race between three of us. I thought I had the first guy, but he ended up having a better strategy in the last 50m. I was 5:01, he was 4:47. Guy was dead though, dead on the ground gasping for air, eyes rolling in his head. Couldn’t even walk down the stairs. Made him give it everything he had to beat me. First time up, I felt it in my lungs and heart. Second time, it was all leg muscles. Raced the country’s fastest rugby player via time trial, watched a guy run so hard he blacked out at 300m... like, how hard do you have to run to blackout in 300m?!?!? Unbelievable, I did not know the upper peninsula/Lake Superior region was so dope!” – Matt

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Here is Red Bull's preview video to the race.