The Nathan Endurance Pack Gear Review

Gear review by MPF Athlete Lenny Huffman.

The pack - The Nathan Endurance hydration pack is the latest addition to the Nathan Hydration pack family, It is a vest style hydration pack that features a 70oz bladder. It has 1 medium sized storage pocket that has a divider and is large enough for a light weight ,compact piece of clothing such as a winter hat or additional nutrition along with a cell phone, etc. Additional storage can be found in the bladder pocket. A bungee strap serves to secure an item to the outside. The front storage consists of a waterproof pill pocket, which for ultra runners, is essential. Electrolytes pills or extra nuun tabs fit securely inside and allows quick access. The pack also features a zippered pouch on the front that’s big enough for a phone & or camera and has an elastic pocket on the outside that’s perfect for a gel pack. On the opposite front strap there is another pocket that can hold up to a 22oz water bottle, which is great for a long day out on the trails.


My thoughts - Let me start by saying I’m a pack packrat. I have a chest full of packs, mostly because I am trying to find one with the perfect fit. My size (5’4, 130lb) has made it difficult to find the “one”... Well, now I may be finally done filling the chest. The Nathan endurance pack fits like a glove. The vest style straps (wide mesh instead of thin nylon) were very comfortable on my shoulders. I did not feel the weight of the vest even when fully loaded. It has 2 adjuster straps on each side & a chest strap to allow me to dial in the fit. It did take some trail to get it right but once done, it is set. The adjuster straps stay in place & do not need to be constantly readjusted. Unfortunately they do require the vest to be off to adjust so no on the fly adjustment.


The pack felt very comfortable on the trails during my training runs with my MPF Campmor TeammatesThere was very little bounce. The weight of the back distributed nicely across my back & shoulders. The 70oz easy to fill bladder provided more than enough water. I like how easily the tube snapped to the chest strap. The front pockets were accessible & zippered with no problems. I especially like the option to hold a bottle up front. This is great for carrying water in back & an energy drink up front. Overall I found this to be a really good pack.

Can get a snug fit
Comfortable on the shoulders
Easy to fill/clean bladder
Lots of pockets/storage
Front pocket that fits a bottle
Water proof pill pocket