The Manitou Revenge 54 Mile Ultramarathon & Relay begins in Windham, N.Y. on the northern Black Dome Trail and then mostly follows the Long Path from Acra Point all the way to downtown Phoenicia, New York. 15 miles of the course is on the Infamous Devil’s Path which is billed as the hardest trail on the east coast. This race boasts 14,000ft of climbing and is extremely difficult and technical. It should only be undertaken by an advanced hiker/trail runner. 

"This is a grueling and gnarly course that has approximately 15,000 ft. of climbing, much of it rocky and precipitous. To be sure, there are some runnable sections, but you will more often find yourself hiking uphill or down, sometimes hand over hand. Expect this course to take you much longer than your average 50 miler. That’s why we are allowing 24 hrs. to complete this monster. Because of its remote and difficult nature, there will of necessity be a limited number of aid stations, 8 or 9, and runners should be prepared to spend up to 3 or 4 hrs between aid stations. You will have to be reasonably self-sufficient. To make matters worse, the course gets progressively more difficult as you go along! And to top it all off, the average runner will have to tackle this hardest terrain in the dark."

The 5th running of the Manitou's Revenge Ultramarathon and Relay is in the books! Here is just 4 minutes of the 13 hours it took MPF RNR athlete Kehr Davis to negotiate the 54 miles from Big Hollow Road to Phoenicia, NY on some of the most challenging terrain the East Coast has to offer.

Just going through some of my footage from the 2016 Manitou's Revenge Ultramarathon and Relay. Here is just 3 minutes with Guillermo E. Ayala at about mile 34, heading up Indian Head Mountain on Devil's Path in the Catskills of New York!

Leaders at mile 33 during the 2014 Manitou's Revenge. They are making their way up Indian Head Mountain and on to Devils Path. Video shows just 5 minutes of their 11 hour effort; intense!


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