Russian Bear Loop in November

A couple of Sundays ago, Evan and I headed out for a 10 mile run/hike on the trails of Harriman State Park in New York. We had received a lot of rain the past couple of weeks so it was best to keep our bikes off the trails. Evan also needed to spend some time on his feet and away from the bike.

Today’s goal was to move efficiently and safely at a consistent effort of RPE 3-5, staying mostly aerobic. Do to the rocky and technical nature of HSP, there is a fair amount of rock scrambles and climbing over boulders. The body benefits greatly from crawling and climbing, and Harriman trails are great for that. The key to navigating trails like this is to stay focused, don’t hurry, work to quickly choose the best line, and know that you are out there practicing moving smoothly through the trail.

I grabbed my cameras which usually consists of 2, the iPhone X and Sony RX-100V. This is what I primarily bring along for most of my training and adventures. As of lately, I have been bringing the GoPro Hero 7 Black along as well. What camera I use is determined by which is the quickest to access and begin recording with.

We started from the first trailhead as you enter the park that’s just off of Seven Lakes Drive. This is the Pine Meadow Trail (red). It leads right into one of my favorite trails, the 7 Hills Trail (blue). We only spent a couple of miles on blue as we made our way up to Ramapo Torne and then to Russian Bear via the Hillburn Torne Sebago trail (orange). This would take us to the Raccoon Brook Hills trail (black) before spitting us out at Pine Meadow Lake. You can see our exact route here,

I really wasn’t planning on using either of the cameras, I just wanted to enjoy the outing, however, I am finding the GoPro very easy to take out of my pocket and quickly grab a few seconds of video. Other then taking a couple of photos with my Sony, I just used the Hero 7 Black and took about 50 short video clips. I hadn’t even realized just how much I was using the GoPro until I got back to my office and imported the footage.

I was wearing my new Salomon Sense Rides that I talked about in last weeks video, as well as the GoPro Hero 7 Black. I started filming with the GoPro around mile 2 of 10, just before the first fun climb of the day that would take us up to Ramapo Torne. This was edited using Final Cut on a 2016 MacBook Pro at 4K 30p. The GoPro was set to record at 4k 60 wide.