MPF Adventure Club Run in Sterling Forest of NY (23 photos)

Mid January would usually involve some form of snow, whether old or new but today we had rain, sleet and a lot of ice! Temperatures were all over the place today. The beginning of the run had us all layered up and then after a few short climbs, we removed a few layers to ensure we didn't sweat to much and kept our outer shells on for the entire time to protect us from the elements. Microspikes were needed about a mile in and were on for the rest of the run. During the 2nd half of the run, when temperatures were suppose to increase, they dipped and the rain increased. Everyone had the chance to really embrace the elements and understand the importance of being prepared. 

We covered just over 8 miles of trails in Sterling Forest, most of it was covered in ice. The rocks and trees were even wrapped with a thick layer of ice. With the weather we had today, it is especially important to be prepared and carry some emergency gear. This can simply include an emergency blanket, poncho, full charged cell phone, extra layers that are kept dry in your pack, knife, small roll of duct tape or athletic tape and water proof matches (even though today would have been a rather difficult day to start a fire).

All in all, today was a fun adventure and we look forward to the next one!