Testing Gravel Bikes on New York Single Track

Last week we headed out to some of the great New York trails and woods roads to put our Gravel Bikes to the test. Conditions were wet as it has been pretty much none stop rain here in the North East. We took our time exploring the area and searching for new paths. 

Bikes ridden:

I used a GoPro Hero 6 with a basic chest mount. It was a little more unstable then usual, with some of the angles being off since I was trying a different position and attachment. A lot of the footage was unusable and that happened to be on the more technical sections of single track.

I like the simplicity of the Hero 6 with its voice commands. This allows you to keep your hands on the bar and attention on the trails. If you want to record something, simply say "GoPro start recording", "GoPro stop recording", "GoPro take a photo".


There is a lot of great single track in New York and New Jersey that is just 40 minutes from NYC. We hope to highlight some of these areas and see what we can ride with these very versatile bikes.