Ben Nephew with the 12th Fastest 50 Mile Trail Run in 2014!

Congratulations to Ben Nephew for running the 12th fastest 50 miler in North America! He did so on a course that had roughly 6,700 feet of gain; depending on which garmin, watch, website you use, whether you use the elevation auto correct feature and so forth... Elevation gain totals have been recorded from 6,400 feet to 7,457 so whichever it is, it was truly an awesome performance! His time was 5:58:29, averaging a 7:10 pace for the 50 miles!

Below are some pictures and video of Ben during the Rock The Ridge 50. This race is set in the natural beauty of the Mohonk Preserve of New York. To check out Ben's race report, click here.

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Visit the Rock The Ridge 50 website for the complete course description, click here.

Ben off to a very fast start. You can hear his thoughts out loud as he takes a look at his watch.

Awesome volunteers helping Ben fuel his run!

Ben at around mile 15.

More footage of Ben in this video we put together from the 2014 Rock The Ridge 50 Mile Challenge.