2019 Water Gap 50k // an Interview with Helen Clark

The 4th race of the Salomon New York Trail Series, the Water Gap 50k and Half Marathon was just a couple of weeks ago. I was there has a volunteer and to sweep the first 14 miles of the course...sweeping doesn’t mean carrying a broom to clean the trail, it means picking up course flagging while being sure the last runners are safely moving along the trail ahead of cut offs. I decided to carry the GoPro to see what I could capture. 

As I started my task of the day, I immediately recognized the familiar face of Helen Clark. I knew of her but never had the opportunity to have an actual conversation. We moved along getting to know each other a bit. I was being cautious as not to impede her space or the quality of her time, but the more I got to know her I became inspired by her story, so I politely asked if she would mind if I interviewed her, so here is her story of why it’s never too late to find fitness and why age truly is only a number. 

Be sure to watch the video till the end for some aid station antics and entertainment. We are grateful for all the amazing people who make up our great community, enjoy! 

Next up is the Castle to River 50k & Half Marathon on October 19, 2019. This is the last race of the Salomon New York Trail Series.