News From the 2018 Leadville 100 Mile Trail Run

We’ve been very fortunate to be able to guide athletes through the training process toward the finish line of many events, but this one really stood out as the positive energy of hundreds of runners and probably thousands of pacers and crews set up shop in and around the small town of Leadville, Colorado for the Leadville Race Series 100 Mile Run. The love was palpable. 

It was great to be a part of one of our coaching athletes Emmanuel Obdebunmi journey as he completed his 4th - 100 mile race in 4 months during his Grand Slam (+1) attempt. He is on track with next up being the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run

Emmanuel draws inspiration from his friend Gage who is disabled and confined to a wheelchair. Over the last couple of years Emmanuel has been sharing his journey toward the finish line of many races by pushing Gage in his chair. This year Emmanuel is running to raise money for Ainsley's Angels Power to Push, the organization who provided Gage with his special wheelchair. Emmanuel’s journey does not stop at the finish line of Wasatch, his finale is to push Gage to the finish line of the Marine Corps Marathon - Official Page.

MPF RNR athlete Jason Friedman became a Leadville 100 big buckle finisher with the time of 22:40! Check out his The Pain Cave podcast for entertaining and very informative information and to learn more about how he used the Hypoxico Altitude Training Systems to aid in racing in the high country. 

MPF Adventure Club athlete Jason Friedman (Jersey Friedman as we call him), finished his 3rd Leadville 100! It was also great to see Jun SBermudez crushing his 20th solo (no crew, no pacer) 100 mile run!