Photos & Recap from the 2017 Ultra-Trail du Mont-Albert!

We found a hidden gem of an event at the UTMA Ultra-Trail du Mont-Albert! This event offers four challenging races, a Vertical K, 22k, 42k, 100k and the The Grande Traverse 165k! We went to tackle the 165k which is a point to point 102 mile race with 28,000ft of ascent. The race traverses the Gasepsie National Preserve on the International Appalachian Trail, finishing on the shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This is a must do race and we hope to go back next year. 

Congratulations to MPF athlete Karl Loops for placing 3rd overall in the time of 33:42:39. Elizabeth had a great day until the blisters on her feet became a limiting factor, forcing her to move slower than normal, she wanted to keep going but made it to mile 70 a couple of minutes past cut off. With only 23 finishers, this is a post graduate 100 mile event. 

Here are a few photos from the weekend. Photos from Joe Azze (I wasn't able to get out on the trails as normal since dogs were not allowed in Gasepsie but Elizabeth Azze took some great photos while out on course.

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