The 2017 Breakneck Point Trail Runs are in the Books!

In its third year the Breakneck Point Trail Runs did not disappoint. The weather proved to be ideal once again and the runners were greeted with a beautiful, grueling rollercoaster of rocks that never let up until they reached the finish line. Congratulations to the MPF RNR athletes, the MPF Adventure Club & Clients and to all of the runners, organizers and volunteers!


  • Ben Nephew previous winner of the marathon event had another epic battle during the entire race, taking it to the line with Adam Russell, placing 2nd with Adam Wilcox coming in 3rd.

  • Kehr Davis was 2nd Female to Sarah Keyes, with Natalie Thompson crossing the finish line in 3rd place!

  • Jayson Kolb was top 6th and Mike Siudy, Scotie Jacobs, Cole Crosby, Jay Lemos, Julian Vicente, James Jansen, Tom Brakel and Laura Rekkerth all having strong performances.

1/2 Marathon:

  • Matthias Lipsey, 1st place

  • Chris Mateer, 2nd place

  • Jade Mills, 4th place female

  • Len Huffman, Greg Carey and Zsuzsanna Carlson all ran strong and enjoyed one heck of an adventure!

The sport of trail running is a community sport, whether racing, volunteering or organizing, it truly is a team effort. The behind the scene action is amazing, from lugging aid station supplies for miles to marking the course, it really does take a village. I personally over the years have made an effort to volunteer at as many races as I've participated in, please give back when you can, these races/experiences would not be possible without your help.

Here are a few photos from Joe Azze, stay tuned for more!

Thank you,
MPF / Elizabeth Azze