Ellie - The first race I ever ran was a 400 meter sprint when I was 13. The flame had been lit. Doing high school track to keep in shape for volleyball and basketball quickly elevated to a love and passion in the same trajectory that my coach put me in longer and farther distances. Fast forward to 2010, I was running up a mountain as a part of the Ithaca Runner’s Club trail race series. After 2 hours and 10 minutes, I conquered the Monster as well as my first half marathon. I was exhausted. I was terrified. I had fallen deeply in love with the trail.

A couple years later, I found myself entering Ithaca’s Skunk Cabbage half marathon on a cold and windy April day. I loved the road, but I longed for those trails that gave me my first taste at the distance. About a year later, I reintroduced myself to them by doing shorter races in the Finger Lakes Trail Running circuit. What I love about these races is that you cannot really go in with time goals or standards. The question of how well you do depends on the conditions of the course and luck. The community of runners is also such a blessing. When I was in the pain cave hiking up a muddy hill, I distinctly remember one man, I do not know who he was, giving me a hand and pulling me through. You do not get that at the NYC marathon for sure.

Since then, the trail race series ended and I completed the 10 mile portion of the Ithaca 5&10 and the Rochester Half Marathon, getting 2nd and 5th respectively.

Being relatively new to long trail racing, I look forward to the wide open doors and limitless opportunities with Red Newt Racing and Mountain Peak Fitness. Cheers!

Results & Accomplishments 

2014 Ithaca 5&10 - 1:08:44

2014 Rochester Half Marathon - 1:34:05

2014 Tortoise and Hare Trail Run - 61:35:00

2013 Skunk Cabbage Half Marathon

2010 Monster Half Marathon 2:10 

2010 Ithaca 5&10