Manzella Running Gloves Review by MPF/RNR Athlete Ellie Pell

There are two secrets about running in Ithaca. The first secret is that we have A LOT of hills, which means we all have powerful gluteals. The second secret is that Ithaca is COLD! This means we dress warmly and still run when it snows, no matter how cold it is.

I do tend to stick to inside running when the temperature dips too low, but try to get outside as much as I can. Even when I do most of my runs indoors, I still jog the quarter mile or so to the gym. I cannot even do that without solid protection for fingers, toes and ears.

This winter, I decided to invest in my first pair of quality running gloves. My local running store, which I am an ambassador, had many options to choose from ranging from lightweight spring and fall gloves, to hardcore winter mittens with double protection. I did not need either of those.

I wanted a medium range glove that would keep my hands warm enough in the five minute jog to the gym during the coldest months, and also warm enough during my first few Spring races when the snow was still falling, but the temperatures were not in the single digits.

I decided on the Manzella Power Stretch Ultra TouchTip Women’s gloves to serve this purpose. The features include:

  • TouchTip on index finger and thumb are touch screen compatible

  • Moisture managing fleece

  • Shell: Polartec Power Stretch

  • Palm: Silicone Control Trax grip

  • Rated Warm on Manzella’s scale for high activity levels or cool conditions

They are machine washable (for times when we fall) and tight enough to cling to my hands while still having room. This was important during the Spring Forward Distance 15k because I also slid a packet of Hot Hands into them for the race. It worked perfectly.

These gloves are a great purchase for your winter running needs. I would recommend that if you are planning to do a run longer than an hour and the temperature is below 15 degrees to get a warmer glove. Next year I will look for gloves with a mitten cover for my early Spring races.

You can find these gloves at the Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company store or in online venues. However, they are more expensive online and that does not include shipping.