Cole - I received my Master's in Recreation Administration in Outdoor Recreation Resource Management in May 2015' and have been traveling across the east working with Nathan Sports: an industry leader in Running Essentials.

I started running at a young age and have been working hard ever since 6th grade with the hopes of running with the best athletes in the country for the various disciplines of (trail/mountain/ultra/snowshoe running). I have an incredible passion for the outdoors and love to inspire others to join with me to experience the wonder, simplicity, and tranquility that running in the outdoors can provide for our souls.

My passion in racing lies in the 50 mile ultra marathon distance and I hope one day to be able to improve upon my personal best times, and to run some of the fastest times in North America for the 50k, 50 mile distance and even experiment in the 100k distance. Still being new to the ultra scene (4th year competitively) and at the ripe age of 27, I hope I can continue to run fast times, see wonderful places and craft incredible experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. I love the diversity ultra-marathons can provide from fast flat road ultras, technical mountain ultras and everything in between and truly I enjoy each and every challenge every race course provides for us athletes.

I am very excited to see where my two feet will take me and even more excited to be teaming up with the Mountain Peak Fitness / Red Newt Racing Team!

Cole's Race Reports & Adventures