An Adventure Ride with a bit more hiking than planned...

Well that was a bit more hiking than planned today but one heck of an adventure it was! Original plan was to head up to the Putnam County area with our gravel bikes and train a bit on Old Albany Post Road and the many other great dirt roads around the area but our available time to ride was slowly diminishing so we kept more locally to allow more ride time and this is what we came up with. 

I headed out with MPF athlete Mike Zusman to explore some of the many hidden gems and old woods roads in and around Sterling State Forest and Ringwood State Park. Now many of these roads have not been used in a very long time but we had a great time and worked hard. I am slowly getting my cycling legs back. I have mostly spent this year on my feet, hiking and running, cycling about 1 x per week. As always, I also do a fair amount of strength and conditioning each week as well. 

We will be riding the Vermont 50 Mile Mountain Bike Race that takes place September 30th. The mountain bike race is sold out but I believe there are still spots available for the run.