Training run on the TNF Bear Mountain 50 course, 3/10/2008

On Sunday My client Paul and I headed out to Harriman State Park to go for a long training run on the Bear Mountain 50 mile course. This course and race is part of the North Face Challenge. We started at the first visitor center off of seven lakes drive which is the mile 25 check point and preceded to run for 9 solid hours. The course was in decent shape considering that 1 week ago the trail was covered with about a foot of snow. Thanks to the heavy rain we have been experiencing lately I'm so happy to say the trails were in good condition, yeah snow running has come to an end!

Leaving the visitor center on the white trail which is a technically challenging climb but is manageable to run takes about 20 minutes to climb until you make a sharp turn onto the blue trail where you are faced with a rock wall that you have to negotiate hand over foot.

Once you get to the top the scenery is beautiful. With amazing views in every direction you must see it for yourself; so get outside, run the course and tell us through posting your comment what you think about the course and its beauty. 

From there it is smooth sailing over huge flatten boulders which definitely reminds us of how eroded the mountains of Harriman are and just how long they have been around. These are some of the oldest mountains in the world. All in all the course is going to be a challenging one, offering spectacular views of lakes and rushing rivers. For the runner who loves technical trail running with continuous short steep climbs, loose rocks and some treacherous descents you are going to have a ball. One thing, its not going to be easy!!!! Have fun!!! If you go out for a training run in Harriman or any local trails please post a comment on your experience.