Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp by Phil Germakian!

In March 2011, I came across the Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp while browsing the website,  Before I even looked at the cost, I immediately decided to sign-up for two reasons. The first being, ALASKA! I had been to Alaska once before, but had not gotten the chance to run there, so I was excited at the opportunity to run in such a wild place. Secondly, I decided to register for this camp because Geoff Roes was leading it. I thought that I would definitely learn a great deal by running with one of the best ultrarunners in our country, and boy was I right. 

Phil & Geoff Roes


Trails: Spaulding Meadow, John Muir, and Montana Creek
Distance: 17 miles / Elevation Gain: 3,000 ft / Time: 5 hours


Run #2
Trails: Mount Robert’s Ridge, Granite Creek, Perseverance
Distance: 15 miles / Elevation Gain: 6, 117 ft / Time: 5 hours 43 minutes

Garmin Data:


Run #3
Trails: Herbert Glacier
Distance: 10 miles / Elevation Gain: 385 ft / Time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Garmin Data:


Run #4
Trails: Treadwill Ditch on Douglas Island
Distance: 16 miles / Elevation Gain: 1,633 ft / Time: 4 hours

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Run #5
Trails: Mount Juneau, Granite Creek, Perseverance
Distance: 13.5 miles/ Elevation Gain: 5,169 ft / Time: 4 hours

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