Over the weekend of February 20th, the MPF RNR Team headed into the backcountry of New Hampshire’s White Mountains to do a little winter backpacking. Here are some pictures from the adventure!

Team adventures are a great way to bond with nature and each other. Teamwork becomes second nature when you are stripped away from all the creature comforts of home. Whether you need help pitching your tent, getting into your pack or maybe you forgot a key piece of equipment and someone in your group happens to have extra, or god forbid you get hurt or are feeling weak, you can count on one another.

Winter exploration is not to be taken lightly, the appropriate gear and outdoor knowledge is imperative for a successful trip. Thankfully a couple of us have extensive backcountry experience. Click here for a beginners guide to winter adventures.

Photos taken by Elizabeth Azze. Thank you to Ryan & Kristina Welts for letting us use your home as a base camp and for leading us on an adventure in your backyard! Red Newt RacingMerrellUltimate DirectionGu_energyRun On Hudson ValleyFinger Lakes Running & Triathlon Company.

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