Tahir Thomas - Growing up no one around me showed any interest in the outdoors, except for my Mom. We loved walking through neighborhood parks together. But in my heart I always felt a need to be submerged in the outdoors. Then I fulfilled that need by hiking with my older sister in Ramapo in 1995. From that I picked up mountain biking in 1998. Started mountain bike racing in 2008 where I met lots of cool people...amongst them Joe Azze who has always been and is a great model athlete whom I am always inspired by. He and I started trail running together, sometimes right after a three hour mountain bike ride. 

I had always been a runner from my days of high school football and wrestling days. Trail running for me has become one of my definitions of FREEDOM. I believe the trails and the elements are alive and love to be challenged whether on bike or foot. I find being within nature during physical exertion brings a renewed energy to my body and spirit. I am excited to be a part of a team who wants to bring the trail running community together and shed light on the the importance of conserving our trails for our future outdoor enthusiast. The trails are always alive...whether its midnight on a hot summer night or on a snowing, high wind morning at 20 degrees, the outdoors always loves your company.

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