I’ve always loved to move. As a kid that meant climbing trees, riding BMX bikes, and snowboarding. In high school, I got pretty serious about track and cross country. I was competitive in my small regional league, but burnt myself and took a break from competitive running during my college years. 

In 2017, I applied for a permit to hike the John Muir Trail on a whim and ended up getting the lucky ticket. I picked up trail running to get in shape for the hike and discovered that I have a penchant for stieep, technical trails. The hike was life-changing. I will always love backpacking, and will continue to do it, but picking up trail running was a serendipitous side effect. 

In my spare time between work and running, I play drums in rock and roll bands and enjoy the occasional craft beer. 

Last year I had some success in races like Seven Sisters, Greylock Half Marathon and the Escarpment Trail Run. I’m looking forward to building on that success this year, run my first 50 miler, and hit some  iconic beast coast mountain routes. Most of all, I’m excited to get more involved in the trail running community by running for Mountain Peak Fitness this year!