Hey, my name is Devang and I love outdoors. Anywhere from running on trails to just sitting around sharing stories. I ran in high school and played basketball. Then went on to a D2 college with a cross-country scholarship. After college, I was burned out with all the training and running. I had a hate-love relationship with running due to injuries. I had to take a break from it all. Then in 2016, I signed up for Breakneck Point Trail Marathon and starting running again. That was the toughest race I ever did. It was painful, but it was a good kind of pain. After doing that race, I fell in love with the challenge of the race and the trail community. I met so many amazing people after the race. I had the best time at the finish line just hanging out for hours. It might have little to do with being around Mountain Peak Fitness/ Red Newt Racing Team. Since that day, I have found my calling for trail running.

The following year, I took on my first 50 miler challenge at Manitou’s Revenge. The following year, I did my first 100 miler called HURT100 in Hawaii. This year, I will continue to challenge myself to become a better version of me. The goal is to help others along the way while helping myself. I don’t do many road racing these days but being a pacer allows me to help others. I have paced many marathons and half marathons. I have helped many runners achieve their goal and BQ over the years. I am also looking forward to coaching the men's and women's cross country team as an assistant coach for a university. I will continue to take on more challenges this year and train for another 100 miler.