The Upcoming 2010 Wasatch 100 & A Day in the Catskills

After a bit of deliberating, we have decided to tackle the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run in the beautiful state of Utah. The Wasatch 100 boasts 26,822 ft of elevation gain and a cumulative loss of 26,131ft, not to mention most of the race is as at significant altitude. It looks like the highest point is 10,450ft, which is at mile 78.46, how fun, just when your fresh and feeling your best it starts getting interesting.

Joe and I are looking forward to exploring this beautiful landscape and taking the altitude for what it is, just another challenge to overcome and embrace along the 100 mile journey. I am sure this experience is going to offer a whole new opportunity to learn about myself and what my body and mind are capable of. I’m looking forward to the adventure while enjoying another beautiful mountain range. As for now, were heading to the Jersey shore to do some altitude training and begin the acclimation process...


However we did get a chance to train on some rough and rugged terrain in the Catskills this past weekend. We made our way Sunday morning to the North Eastern section of the Catskills for a moderate 6 hour run/hike on Devils Path, topping out on a few mountains and exploring some other trails in the area. As we drove up, the morning was showing  promise of a good day. The rain was steady, the winds were picking up and the mountains weren't visible. We really enjoy weather such as this and since you never know what race day weather can bring, its important to get familiar with it all. Here is a video from our day in the Catskills.